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Download File Type File Size Description
MSVBVM60 (Zip File) (692KB) Download this only if you don't already have MSVBVM60.DLL. If the program doesn't run, you probably don't have it.
Tones4All 1.3.4 (Self Extracting File) (341 KB) RTTTL to MIDI/KWS/Samsung/Nokia/Ericsson/EMS conversion/editing software for Win32.
ToneTools (Self Extracting File) (1.2MB) Contains the current version of Tones4All, along with Nokring (RTTTL Editor), and ToneWin (MIDI to RTTTL). I offer very limited support for Nokring and ToneWin, since I didn't create that software. But, since these are very closely related programs to Tones4All, I conveniently bundle them in this single install file.

Old releases (Not Recommended)