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2002-12-14 1.3.4 Added Auto-Convert feature that can convert RTTTL into 125BPM RTTTL. This feature can be accessed by choosing to convert to Nokia RTTTL. Also fixed some problems with saving some types of files.
2002-12-12 1.3.3 Nokia composer/keypress format had invalid octave changes. Fixed.
2002-12-02 1.3.22 A  problem with the pause notation in the Motorola iMelody was fixed.
2002-11-25 1.3.21 Fixed support for Motorola iMelody. It now adds *4 always to the 4th iMelody octave notes.
2002-11-22 1.3.2 Added support for Motorola's version of iMelody.
2002-11-01 1.3.16 Fixed a problem with MIDI playback that in some cases caused pauses to be absurdly long.
2002-10-31 1.3.15 Added autoplay when opening KWS files from explorer. Made a change in the KWS decoder that allows nearly ALL decoded KWS files to be converted and previewed as RTTTL in near-perfect condition. Wonderful!
2002-10-30 1.3.1 Basically a service update. Tweaked a few things, fixed a few things. The ToneTools install file now correctly associates kws files. This release focus on issuses found with kws files.
2002-10-19 1.3.0 Changed version style. Reworked menus. Fully implemented Auto-Octave. Added a settings menu. Changed default tune.
2002-10-16 1.2g Added Auto-Octave. This lets the program decide which octave range to use when converting, so the conversion process now requires no user intervention.
2002-10-12 1.2f Added Motorola Keypress compatibility. Not for all keypress Motorola's though, apparently.
2002-10-11 1.2e Added Motorola by SMS compatibility. Now you Motorola freaks out there can have ringtones also :-)
2002-10-10 1.2d Added the ability to open KWS files from windows explorer. Removed some debug code accidently left in. Sorry! When KWS files are opened, the rtttl name is now the first 10 characters of the filename (minus spaces), instead of just we-rock
2002-10-09 1.2c This version adds the ability to open KWS files and convert to RTTTL. This is a major addition for the software, since it is the ONLY software that does this.
2002-10-04 1.2b Ericsson's Implementation of iMelody sucks. Pause lengths were way off (not enough pause lengths in Ericsson's iMelody). It is now compatible with MANY more tones
2002-10-03 1.2a Reworked the user interface to make it more user friendly. Added my Logo graphic. Added a 'Search for Tones' function that searches http://ringtone.bespin.org. Fixed problem with MIDI that caused very long notes to be played very short (Thanks to the Scooby Doo ringtone for that one). Added and renamed a few of the menus
2002-10-02 1.1h Forgot to take out some test code that messed kws up a bit
2002-10-01 1.1g Fixed the octave chooser. Changed the installer to use Nullsoft's SFX Installer
2002-09-21 1.1f Accidently forgot to fully implement the Octave chooser when saving files. Minor other updates too
2002-09-20 1.1e Fixed the RTTTL Editor Menu not being enabled. Enabled 'Convert' for all options, with a message displayed for types that can only be saved.
2002-09-19 1.1d Fixed IMelody support once again. It seems that Ericsson strays from the format a bit, and since Ericsson is the most popular IMelody phone, I'm supporting it for now (besides, I have no other phone to test with). If anyone who has a non-Ericsson IMelody phone tests this, I'd like to know.
2002-09-18 1.1c Fixed IMelody support. It now works properly. Added a better method for choosing the note range in conversions that lower the amount of available octaves (EMelody, IMelody, Samsung). Added a date code to the 'About' menu. Also added the 'About' menu.
2002-07-21 1.1b Basically a service release. Added a feature in the KWS that puts a small pause inbetween notes that run together. I guess I should probably have had this tested before releasing it, but whatever :)
2002-07-20 1.1a Rebuilt the layout of the software, externally and internally. Nothing really has changed except for that. This change will ease in the addition of new conversion formats. Neat dropdown boxes are both stylish and functional. Now you can easily choose the format to convert to.
2002-07-06 1.0f Added Samsung Keypress Type 2 support. This supports the other half of the Samsung phones that support keypress. Added support to choose the low octave for KWS output.
2002-07-05 1.0e Added Samsung Keypress Type 1 support. This supports about half of the Samsung phones. Also added a bugfix for IMelody tones under 75 characters not working. A few other minor bugfixes were also taken care of.
2002-07-01 1.0d Added EMelody/IMelody output support. Also added some more small graphics. Changed access to RTTTL Editor from CTRL+E to CTRL+R. I needed CTRL+E for EMelody.
2002-06-30 1.0c Added the ability to output to Nokia Keypress format. Also added a few bugfixes and error checking.
2002-06-28 1.0b Added the ability to output to Nokia Composer format
2002-06-28 1.0a Changed name to Tones4All (from R2M/MidiGen). Changed program layout. Added RTTTL Editor. Added some more error checking
2002-06-27 0.9b Updated KWS writing. It now will probably work correctly. As I don't have a Kyocera phone, I can't test it myself. The EXE still says 9.0a, but it IS 0.9b :)
2002-06-25 0.9a Original release, based on Midigen 0.9